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Welcome Ohana ❤

All About Us

Welcome Ohana ❤ I bet you’re wondering who I am and what we’re all about.

My name is Desirée Torres and the Mamapreneur behind it all! I’m a stay at home soon-to-be divorced mom of two wonderful boys! They’re the reason I started my business. I am a military brat and will be a former military spouse (Go Air Force 😉). I’ve traveled a lot under my dad, both stateside and overseas. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! My goal is to support my boys in every way they need and one day take them to travel the world like I did. As military brats too, I thought they’d get that opportunity as well but on 2015, I found myself facing a divorce and on my own to raise and support my oldest with my youngest on the way. I hadn’t worked in over a year, let alone with children to find care for. I made it work for a few weeks then all of a sudden all those “we’d love to babysit” people began to disappear when I needed them most, even if I paid them. I was out of options. How do I raise my child right from wrong, but still put food on the table, clothe my children and give them the best that I possibly could? There were so many unknowns. But if it weren’t for this low point, my mom and I never would’ve gotten the idea for me to start this business. These crafts are my passion. I used to create gifts like these in my shop but completely by hand. I would cut stencils out with a razor blade using masking tape to paint cups, or hand paint/draw the designs. It used to take near a month to finish one item! Crazy huh? Talk about a labor of love! But we stumbled upon a machine to help streamline it all. It was a leap of faith starting a business. With what little money I had left my job and with her support, I got all my business ducks in a row. Just like that, I began putting my products out on the market and I never looked back. With your support, I now can support my boys while staying home to raise them and give them their best chance at life. They are my inspiration and motivation. ❤ I love what I do. Your orders make our day (we literally dance when we hear that notification) and when you receive it, I want you to feel as if you’re receiving a gift from the heart.